Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reading Watching Listening

So there is an article about new Salinger texts here including the news the author himself did not want them published for a very long time, even decades after his death in 2010
you can, if you want, read them here

Watching The Big Lebowski (Steve Buscemi!!! Wahoo!!)

Listening to Marina and the Diamonds

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Vengaboys

Up and Down= favourite song of theirs, RED LEATHER HOT PANTS ALERT!

in love

(all pics Tumblr)

House of Harlow knock off

Simply because it was pretty, here is a peacock cuff I got ages ago at Target for $5 

Suffice to say, when I found out that House of Harlow 1960, Nicole Richie's 'designs' (as I'm sure she worked very hard on them herself) had a peacock cuff too

I felt quite happy that I wasn't duped to pay a ridiculous price for something a supposed 'celebrity' has put their name to, and personally I love when similar copies of supposedly 'high end' products get mass produced and sold at a more acceptable prices, I know I'm not the demographic clientèle, but to fund the ridiculous lifestyles of these people is crazy! Spend 70 dollars on yourself, don't give it to Nicole Richie or Britney Spears' perfume, people think they're buying luxury but you're paying for someone else's trip to the moon!
Pic from house of harlow


No one dresses like this any more.....

...but wouldn't it be awesome if they did?
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crazy Joe Davola, he likes to encourage intruders

One of the best screen characters of all time, crazy Joe Davola. 

"are you still scared of clowns?" "....yeah"

Best of Crazy Joe videos right here 
he will kibosh again right here with one of my favourite Elaine quotes of all time "In the darkroom?? oh, ah, no thank-you, not right now....I'm a day-person!" 

Who wouldn't want a stalker wall of Elaine-dom?

I share Kramer's fear of clowns, so here is another clip here

Thank you to whoever uploaded just the Davola clips on youtube, i am forever in your debt!

All pics from Youtube

The Witches of Eastwick

So I watched The Witches of Eastwick, something i don't recommend if you've recently watched The Shining- we'll get to that in a minute

Over the top-ly super star cast, hilarious Susan Sarandon hair, good look for Cher, but not everyone can pull it off

This was easily the best part of the film, I want to fling myself into chandeliers after gliding through the air with my new ability to fly, and i would definitely hang out on an inflatable zebra with a giant silver bowl of cherries in my lap in my best ballgown attire also, why the hell not

Ballroom full of balloons was pretty wicked

So yeah, whilst there are open jokes about Jack Nicholson not being handsome, the only way for it to be believable at all that he could seduce 3 such beautiful women COULD ONLY BE that he is the devil incarnate!
 I know it looks like I'm missing the point, but once you've seen good old Jack frozen in the Shining, you CANNOT unsee that!

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Worth viewing if only to perve on Michelle Pfeiffer, and for Cher's cute yellow hair clips, Nicholson is pretty funny in it, and the absolutely best hands down bit for me was Veronica Cartwright's performance, best fundy whackjob ever! She played young Cathy in The Birds!

All pics from Tumblr

Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen scarf collaboration

Ok, sometimes the 'fashion world' (it should be referred to as Planet Fashion IMO because it's so bizarre) gets it right/ does something pretty mint, and one of those minty delights is an insect and skull lover's dream!

Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen scarves, sick as:

In order to cash in on Artsy panache elitism, there are 30 designs, because 20 bug-skulls clearly are not enough to choose from. I love them but pff, materialistic fashionistas everywhere sometimes can have too much choice



All pics from Tumblr and the McQueen webiste, which crashed when i was on it, so maybe sales has gone into overdrive, the artsy sales pitch worked after all!!....

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stupid hats

Just like good bad taste, there are good stupid hats and bad stupid hats, here's a nifty little guide

I realise someone probably extorted a huge amount of money from this woman calling it 'fashion' and in exchange for an exorbitant price, your own personal marshmallow cloud to block the view of the very thing you're there to see.
makes sense
Result = Bad Stupid

Just because you wear it with diamonds and MIGHT be related to someone in a royal family somewhere (legitimately, no clue who this is) does not mean you continue to wear a kite after a child has got it stuck in your hair
Result= Bad Stupid

Princess Beatrice! Who can forget this one? It has its own MEMES you guys, that's how much it influenced the collective subconscious. Personally i think the female reproductive system comparison is pretty bang on, it might be a Philip Treacy and therefore 'art' or whatever you want to pass it off as, but come on? I'd rather wear a dildo on my head
Result= BAD BAD Stupid

Giant cocktail stupid hat, don't mind if i do! good for getting shitfaced, bad for diluting cocktails if it starts to rain
Result= GOOD Stupid!

Now this one above is a personal favourite. Proof that fashion is sometimes so freaking dumb, i don't think even Lady Gaga would be caught in this, well 2 years ago maybe.

 This is proof that Barbie has invented a gigantor ray and is keeping it to herself. It hit one of her napkins instead and could be sold for a probably quite neat profit looking at the ostentatious jewellery and the sugar daddy in a top hat in front

Is this in case a dinosaur needs a tampon? I hate when fashionistas are all 'oh you just don't 'get' it' what is there to get? That someone has more money than brains? That's very gettable as evidenced by many things in the fashion world that takes itself way too seriously. 
Result= BAD BAD BAD Stupid

All pics courtesy of Tumblr. If any of the pictures are your Mum or a member of your Royal family, contact me for a takedown

Marilyn Monroe: the first of many posts

In memory of the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, here is someone his administration in turn had assassinated (if conspiracy theorists are to be believed that is) distasteful jokes aside, what a beauty, so many many poor imitations to try to fill the void. 

Did you that Hugh Hefner has bought the crypt/grave immediately next to hers? BOO!

What an old coot, he and all the others made a pretty penny exploiting her. Though she knew what she was doing a bit later on, he really didn't need to publish more naked pics of her after she was dead and gone, kind of creepy really

All pics from Tumblr

Clueless, Heathers, Pretty in Pink

Brilliantly ridiculous (post on the hats within coming soon!)

I love Winona Ryder. She was only like 16 when she did this film! heavy! I don't know why but Christian Slater has always scared the crap out of me, there's something about him

Whilst I don't like being a hater, people who post about 'how annoying stuff is' are more annoying than the content within their post (like people who talk non stop about their religious beliefs or workout programs, which has become semi-religious to some) suffice to say Pretty in Pink, i think it's over rated, I'm sure that when it came out it was brilliant and ground breaking, but the hair and clothes without wanting to sound superficial- are unacceptable. 

It is my personal belief that the Eighties existed solely to show humanity to never dress that way ever again.

When James Spader's man-loafers are visible, something within me simultaneously laughs really hard AND cries

Please god make it stop

All pics from Tumblr, the last one definitely from a worst dressed list somewhere

Friday, November 22, 2013

November tunes

Can you believe someone got rid of this? I picked her up at an Op Shop because i was hypnotised by her giant ears, it is just an added bonus she looks like a Pokemon

I think she might be a bottle opener! Or a door stop...? She's so pretty

yet another example of never knowing what you'll come across in the op shop worlds

Ten for today

1) Christy Turlington 90's. No idea which show, but look at that hair

2) Movie poster art love

3) Christina Ricci 1998 clutching her pet chainsaw, as you do.

4) Alexander McQueen butterfly dress

5) One of the best Tumblrs, see Other-Wordly right here

6) Katy Perry's light up dress at the Met Costume Institute Gala in 2010

7) If you don't smile at a wolf playing with ducklings, please return all Horcruxes back to whence they came and try to piece a soul back together

8) Cake obsession continues, and it's Hogwarts! It's too pretty to eat!

9) I think this is a Mary Blair illustration but not sure

10) Moon and stars in any form are always beautiful 

All pictures saved willy-nilly from Tumblr like a thief, let me know if you want a credit/ take down/ to be friends because we both have the best taste ever