Saturday, January 31, 2015

Favourite unicorn comic

From Shoe Box Blog, I still laugh everytime after all these years...


The town that pretended to be mad

C.1200 in England, when King John was going to visit the nearby town of Nottinghamshire, the town of Gotham realised this would make them part of the King's Highway, which would introduce new taxes to them. At the time madness was considered contagious, so the whole town pretended to be mad to drive away the King's procession, and the new taxes too!

As learned from Terry Jones' medieval lives documentary series, episode one: The Peasant 

Pic from BBC


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twiggy: Sixties

Ah Twiggy! What a face! I wonder how many eating disorders you inspired (not intentionally, obviously) with your awesome facial features, cameos on Ab Fab and sometimes hilarious moments as an America's Next Top Model judge, your style is kickass and bloggy girls with their bloggy bangs will love you forever!

Fists! Across America!

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FKA Twigs Vogue January 2015

Man I love her!

Pics clearly from Vogue


Liberace house

I am just going to let these pictures do the talking....

A throne for the throne-user!

Lovers of camp, unite and rejoice!

All pic credits on them 


Neuschwanstein castle: inside!

What I wouldn't do to be back in Europe! 
Though I missed Neuschwanstein when I was in Germany, I have always been curious as to the castles interior, as well as its magnificent exterior! What a sumptuous kitschy delight!

 It reminds me of Liberace sans bedazzler ;)

Saint George slaying the dragon detail

Wikipedia IS a scholarly resource! Poncy university rules be damned!

 What rich details, you can live and breather history here, I visit many places on Google maps, alá street view for when I haven't had the chance to see them yet! 

Imagine waking up in corridors like these, a unicorn rounding the corner wouldn't be out of place

Pics from Wikipedia and Pinterest


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Amal Alamuddin Clooney style

So kind of like the rest of the world, I think Amal Clooney has a pretty kickass wardrobe.

 Currently a politics and international relations student, I was somewhat confused when I saw headlines that the human rights lawyer whose papers I had to read for class was getting hitched to George, I live under a pretty big rock!

Some of the cases she has been involved in have been mega intense, like war criminals who get sent to the international criminal court intense! So it feels weird bringing them up in this context, so heavy moment over....moving on!

She always looks so lovely, keeps it simple, but is ridiculously stylish! Nice tailored, structured pieces and she chooses colours that complement her well!

This J. Mendel dress is like something materialised from a dream!! 

and of course the Stella McCartney pantsuit she wore in Venice.....really was amazing! I've always liked big hats but they are hard to pull off, she does it so well :)

And her casual style is making me super happy and jealous! I love this floral jumpsuit, and the one at the top of the page! Wonderfully colourful and she's wearing a Tatty Devine necklace of Frida Kahlo, now it's hard to be more awesome than that....

And here she is in another Dolce and Gabbana while in Venice for her nuptials. What a beautiful woman! What a dream wardrobe indeed :D

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HR Pufnstuf

Been watching the adventures of Jimmy and Pufnstuf lately, I love the intensity of the colours, the wardrobe, the canned laughter! everything is so saturated colours vintage old-timey fantastic-ness!

Witchie-Poo and her Vroom-Broom

Jack Wild was so cute, its sad how that industry chews through talented young people, emphasis again on the young. Jack Wild of Oliver Twist fame, as the Artful Dodger- look how cute he was!

HR Pufnstuf, he's your friend when things get rough....;) wouldn't get away with references like that in today's strictly monitored sterile kids shows!

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David Wiesner

THIS picture above, the frogs on the smooth gliding lily-pads is forever burned into my childhood memory from the David Wiesner book Tuesday, brilliant and full of great art, here are some of his brilliant works, a very talented author and artist!

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