Monday, March 31, 2014

Evelyn McHale

Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the Empire state building in 1947. You can read a bit more about it here if you really want to. Her death was captured in photos moments after she leapt as a photographer happened to be there. It feels awful and voyeuristic and has been dubbed 'a beautiful suicide' which doesn't sit well with me.

Andy Warhol did a series of prints based on the photos. When does 'art' just become exploitative? Undoubtedly Warhol was great at many things, but everything I read and watch about him makes me think he was more of a cunning asshole than people want to admit, so blinded by his 'genius' that they are
But then, I'm an asshole on the internet reproducing the pictures too, some people and moments ought never be forgotten, clearly I never knew her, but her name is with me now.

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Lady Gaga recent outfits

Don't really want to discuss the whole love/ hate mother monster thing here. The rest of the internet can handle that debate, whether you like her or not, think she's an exhibitionist or an artist, I just wish more people dressed like their imaginations for a change instead of their wardrobes
She's just having fun

Having fun and a laugh

this one above is particularly hilarious. I'd really love for John Waters to do a movie with her/ about her, that would be hilarious, or is that just me? Hilarious or a disaster?

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Banners for your fakebook account

Lady of Shallot


Teddy has an Operation

Potter puppet pals

The best man....the better man


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Friday, March 28, 2014

Boudica/ Boadicea

History! No subject is more divisive or awesome than you!

Boudica was the queen of the British Iceni tribe who fought the occupation of the Roman Empire
Read more here
Reason for this post: art inspired by history! 
and music, my favourite Enya tune here named after this icon

There is something so brilliantly majestic about old school classical style, it's so mighty and full of expression!\
I love all the interpretations of what she may have looked like:

Sister is doing well with hair like that in AD 60 roughly ;)

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Pink Floyd Animals: Canberra?

Would anyone happen to have a giant inflatable pig handy so we can do our own Australia-na versions of Pink Floyd's iconic 'Animals' cover? Just for funsies, not to butcher the Floyd, don't worry!

I realise this will never eventuate, but it's fun to mentally picture piggy at Telstra Tower or the Carillon. Piggy at Floriade! that would be the best ever

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Fox news has done it again.

So back in 2010 Elie Wiesel (nobel peace prize winner) visited the awful awful awful (seriously, infinitely awful) Fox news and they captioned him as a Holocaust winner.

You don't even need a sarcastic commentary, it speaks for itself!
Oh the dumbness, the epic levels of what the fuckery

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Books since January

Already posted about Fahrenheit 451, a dedicated Gatsby post coming soon (what a beautiful book) and I'm re reading the diary of Anne Frank at the moment. I read it when I was 10, and of course, missed gigantic portions of its significance. It's so heart breaking every time she makes some reference to her future, as you already know what is going to happen. Here is the only known footage of her:

Can't get the pics off my phone at the moment, but it's not Instagram, here's the others:

A lot of graphic novels lately, they're so good for the bus when you're trying not to fall asleep after a long day, they grab your attention. Maus is chillingly brilliant, but terribly sad. Art Spiegelman really was onto something with the simple concept of drawing Jews as mice and Germans as cats, it sounds slightly bizarro when you try to explain it to someone, but it really is worth the read, but be warned, many tears may follow

Ghost World was great, didn't even take me a day, just a good quick read, who didn't have made up names for regulars they saw in the community. I remember a friend and I coined the name 'Itchy and Scratchy' for one guy who always had his hands in his pockets at the tram stop near my high school. It was a Girls School and when we found out he was arrested for public masturbation, the Itchy and Scratchy name became  a whole lot less funny. Ghost World reminds me a lot of just pointless youthful concerns, like the jeans at the bus stop and the Norman Norman Norman graffiti, all together a great work. The film kind of captures the air of it well

Persepolis was GREAT! I loved it, everything I'd head about it was true. Marjane was born and grew up in Iran, and then during the Iran-Iraq war her parents sent her to Austria. Relationships, friendships, homelessness, war, death and sadness follow. Well worth the read, I also borrowed the film (I love my Uni library) and that's great too, Trailer here. Many things we take for granted, like posters and the freedom to walk down to the shops are explored in both, really beautiful.

I re-read the BRILLIANT V for Vendetta, I could talk endlessly about it, it is a hands down all time favourite. I head that Moore and Lloyd didn't *really* like the film too much, they thought it was a bit more about American politics as opposed to British.
I think the film captured the overall essence of the comic shall we say? very well. The romanticism of the character of V is done really well, his love of art and history and of course freedom and people is captured brilliantly. Both the film and novel hold a special place in my heart.

There we go, I am sure no one will read this, but there's no harm in recommending good books for cyber friends. 

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Classical art

Pan by Edward Burne Jones

Orpheus by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

John William Waterhouse Sleeping Beauty

Classical art, how I love thee! the literature, mythology and history that springs to mind makes me feel magical just by glimpsing at your beautiful productions by numerous talents over the decades. You make me want to run to the hills and never return!

But there are bills to pay and assignments to do, reality bites.

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Shel Silverstein

Reading Shel Silverstein keeps me going on Canberra's hilariously bad version of a public transport system

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Oh no!! I got to keep on moving

Best ever! 
No one dances around in neon green bathers and silver accessories anymore


Dave Vanian: primal urges


Thank you internet for existing

I love you Dave Vanian, your music is just as incredible as your hair, but you really do resemble a cotton-top tamarin

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Mile high madness with (the one and only) Richard S(l)immons

So Richard Simmons did an air safety ad for Air New Zealand and THIS is the brilliant result, I only found this last week and I'm slightly obsessed with it?! 

I love you Richard


Amy Judd artist

Amy Judd art LINK to her site

What ethereal and shy pieces, the beauty of wings in many forms

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Birthday soon...

Wouldn't mind some Pablo Neruda

Or the brilliantly ridiculous knock offs of the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw available on eBay

Hermione's bag


Pink Floyd's The Wall poster...

Steve Buscemi to MC my bday do...

but so long as I get a Pedobear cake I will be over the moon....

Materialistic 21st century jerks!


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