Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Gabriela Lutostanski

Harris Clook

Vintage best ever sign here pointer icon

Oldrich Kulhanek

A really under rated part of everyday life is the use of our hands. Perhaps this is a reflective and philosophical post, but I really enjoy hands in art, which sounds grammatically incorrect and weird as a sentence. We do everything with our hands! We should be aware how lucky we are to have them. 

All pics from Berlin Art Parasites and Pinterest


Theo Fennell master works book rings

Wizard of Oz

Narnia wardrobe, above and below

Peter Pan

Story of Adam and Eve

Link to master works here

Tiny draw bridge for tiny invaders!

Literary themed jewellery will always win in the end

All pics from here


Black and white portraits of kickass folk ;)

Robin Williams as a cheerleader

Jane and Serge

Kiki de Montparnasse

Lee Miller

Anais Nin, I have always loved the 'masculine' 'look' on women, that was a 'trend' I enjoyed, after my relief that fluorescent trend died!

Dana Gillespie and Bowie!


Rin Tin Tin

All pics from Pinterest


Space/ Carina nebula/ Pillars of creation

The colours captured by the Hubble Space telescope are hard to rival in any colour-y landscape. I could stare at the pillars of creation in the Carina nebula all day long, this is where songs come to be written, surely!

All pics from NASA site


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

After reading about this illuminated manuscript many moons ago, through one of the finest works of the writer Tom Hodgkinson (editor of The Idler magazine), following his analysis of medieval life with this manuscript with its inner calendar, I had to find it!

I hope the pictures speak for how amazing it is as a piece in its own right, but also considering it was created sometime between 1412- 1416, it's stunning!

Anatomical Zodiac man (what a great name for a band that would be!)













Each month tells its own story of medieval life, what a gem!

All pictures from the wikipedia entry about it, free for use in public domain ;)



I am in love with the colours of her outfit to the Oscars in 1974!
Sure, people still dress like this, but there was just something so brilliant about it back in the day, maybe because it was highly original, and many fashion icons truly were pioneers of style, but something is lost when people "push the boundaries" today, I like to think styles always go back to the past

David Bowie and Cher together ^_^ YouTube their performances, you won't be disappointed!

The 60's and 70's will always be immortalised by people who weren't alive during the era because of the legacy it left behind! We're just lucky that these cultural gems are still around for us to listen to, wear and see! ^_^

Pics from Pinterest


Bonnie and Clyde

I really enjoy complete historical inaccuracy and hyperbole in film almost as much as I love sixties style and font in film! ^_^

Pics from wikipedia entry ;) 


Beautiful repetition in nature

What a wonderful world!
Pics from Pinterest


Art post ^_^

Alice Bloomfield

Edward Gorey

William Adolphe Bouguereau

Unknown above which frustrates me as it is beautiful and I love art features and save so many pictures my computers insides are drowning in aaaaaaaaarrrrrrtttt...


Dustin Yellin's dancers in the Lincoln Centre for the NYC ballet are surreal, these are the best pics I could get, they belong to/ were taken by Andy Romer, and the other pics I swiped from Design Boom.

Google the crap out of these pieces if you can't go see them, as up close they are amazingly intricate and worth all the buzz on the interwebz

Pics from Andy Romer, Design Boom and Berlin art parasites