Saturday, February 21, 2015


I am in love with the colours of her outfit to the Oscars in 1974!
Sure, people still dress like this, but there was just something so brilliant about it back in the day, maybe because it was highly original, and many fashion icons truly were pioneers of style, but something is lost when people "push the boundaries" today, I like to think styles always go back to the past

David Bowie and Cher together ^_^ YouTube their performances, you won't be disappointed!

The 60's and 70's will always be immortalised by people who weren't alive during the era because of the legacy it left behind! We're just lucky that these cultural gems are still around for us to listen to, wear and see! ^_^

Pics from Pinterest



  1. someone needs to buy Cher a jumper... I have many spare ones. Where can I send it to? Please send me this information, as you are the internet you should know? I will expect your correspondence. Thanks

  2. Hello dweller, you should know that indeed I am the internet, I wants many many Cher jumpers, please send them to Kickapoo, Illanois x