Thursday, January 30, 2014

fridge magnet philosophy

Asking all the right questions as usual:

Where be pants Dragon?



So hypnotic, many a ferry ride with my head stuck over the side, companions worried about an overboard situation...


Pics from Tumblr


Starry night, a better sky

Van Gogh

All you have to do is look up

Night time skywatching is free

Wiki piccies


Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra

Make up and hair:


Pics from stills and good old hipster-ville, Tumblr



Top pic all ManiaMania designs go through their wicked collection HERE

Here are other bits: (not by MM though)

Tumblr pics


Emma Watson cover star and editor for Wonderland magazine

Content being kept under wraps, can't wait to read

Emma Watson is criminally beautiful, I like how she has navigated away from the treacherous waters of celebrity dumb-assery, just does her own thing

Behind the scenes pics from Wonderland mag site


More dresses

Miroslava Duma in Christopher Kane, whilst not overly fond of the shape, the colours and print of this collection was out of this world

Dita Von Teese in Jean Paul Gaultier, Jan 2014, it's a giant butterfly, that is always going to win you best dressed in my mind!

Book Print dress! by Amanda Patterson, wicked as!!

What are dress prints you'd like to see brought to life?

Tumblr for pics


Negroli armourer brothers

Filippo (1510-1579)  and Francesco (1522- 1600) Negroli and Giovan Battista (1511-1591) together
made armour considered some of the finest in this world, still to this day the technique and detail is considered incredible for it's time, not hard to see why. They used Steel  instead of the widely used Iron of the day

Tumblr for pics


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bad Romance era Lady Gaga

O2 priority tickets ad

Reminded me of the Bad Romance film clip

The visuals, the motions

Favourite Gaga era

Pics from Daily Mail 

You can see the mini clip HERE


Lightning strikes not once..

Lightning on well known Landmarks, Rio de Janeiro

New York Statue of Liberty

Paris' most over rated spot, the Eiffel tower

pics from Tumblr


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Katy Perry Grammy awards 2014 dress

Pretty awesome dress, themed and still ethereal

and it is of course a Valentino gown! Wahoo!
Pics courtesy of Daily Mail 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Stuff I made today...

Princess Bubblegum crown

Chocolate Viennois

Recipe HERE


John Singer Sargent

American portrait painter

Carmela Bertagna

Mrs Diane Dobson Barton

Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler

Mrs Charles Inches

Madame X

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose