Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coat as a dress

Hanneli Mustaparta at the Dior FW2013 show in Paris wearing Calvin Klein, took the pic from her site here. This little outfit is delightful! I love the colour, it's so simple but it looks elegant and structured, the belt and shoes complement nicely.

My Aunty showed me this one of Sarah-Jessica Parker in an Oscar de la Renta coat, and I loved it too, her hair looks lovely, and the colours are nice together, I keep hearing this thing that Navy and black don't go together?? Where do these 'rules' come from, who is writing, or worse, following them?

and of course an obligatory Kate Middleton coat picture, she does know what works best for her. Burberry trench worn shortly after her engagement blah blah blah. I love that she dressed up a coat, and that she continues to, simple, but elegant.

Other pics from Tumblr

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