Thursday, December 12, 2013

A festivus for the rest of us

A present for a friend

Presents from friends. Paperblanks journals are so wonderful. Only got over my phobia to write in them this year, you silly phobia you!

Bobo loves his Unicorn Onesie! No intention of growing up for either of us

Ooh, he's playing coy now!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winona Ryder 90's style

Suit! Dinosaur suitcase, brogues!

Tom Waits, leather jacket, 90's jeans!
I hate today's clothing standards. 'Side-boob' and denim shorts that technically are really underpants. Low hanging jeans and low hanging brains....
Pics from Tumblr

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Philip Larkin poem for you: Aubade



Sick album

Wonderful outfits, stage and offstage

and i love this interview with her on The Project, bashful and contemplative, not loud and flashy like too many manufactured pop stare. Check out her Tumblr too, great lyrics, great hair and the necklace in that interview is wicked!!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

If you want a great film but a really heartbreakingly beautiful one at that, then watch Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

Sure, it has the wonderfully mega-talented Mr Bowie in it, but this is a film I'd encourage anyone to see for so many reasons.
 The main reason of this post was in fact the soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto which is some of the most haunting music on Earth, Music instantly changes moods for some people, and I really hope this films incredible beauty, not only as a story but with the soundtrack can be enjoyed by many more.

Please if you enjoy classical music and have five minutes to spare, listen to this incredible piece of Music

All pics from Tumblr and IMDb

Australian Pirates

No I don't mean these guys (I'm sure people heard we have some funny political parties here in Australia, just like Vermin Supreme in America etc.)
 I read this the other day, how Aussies are the biggest illegal downloaders per capita in the world, I think it also has a lot to do with because we're on such a delay for shows like Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones and commercial networks have only really started broadcasting 'fast tracked' shows in the last few years here, but i digress-

Does this mean we can all start wearing Pirate hats in public? Then get known as awesome hat place and not racist bogan place?

Woo! Pirate hat party!

Lou Doillon pirate hat red carpet originality!
Perhaps my love for pirate hats won't cotton on with the rest of the Australian public, but you can't blame someone for trying!

 If something as terrifying as 'side-boob' can become a 'trend' why the hell can't this?

Both pics saved randomly from Tumblr

Musicians get to wear some awesome stuff

Freddie Mercury and Lady Miss Kier in their Harlequin-y jumpsuit-y goodness

Annie Lennox! The whole 'man style' thing, I think it was big before it became a 'thing'? Am i wrong? From Lennox to Madonna to Lady Gaga and Kate Bush, it's like someone somewhere decided to hit the 'lets obviously make this a trend' button (completely being hidden by NASA! and Conde-Nast interns, no more!)

Elton John

One of my favourite Lady Gaga outfits/ looks (before the Renaissance channelling began)

Matching Piano! No matter how many bubbles i put on my drumkit they end up dying a swift musical death

I wish there were more everyday situations where these would be ideal

I really don't like the eerie parallel between these and tacky Victoria's Secret 'angel wings' ? Hopefully that's only in my black hole of a mind

All pics were taken from Tumblr, which pilfers from worldwide sites, or go to 4chan if you want pics!! Wahoo, welcome to the internet

Risto Bimbiloski awesome prints

Risto Bimbiloski clothing is incredible!
 Surface of the moon prints on a dress= ethereal beauty!
 More at the site here

That trench coat is so stunning, whilst a fan of the regular beige-y trench, for days Astral projection is too time consuming or your spirit is being held down by the man in general, imagine popping into one of these celestial beauties!

Luckily space/galaxy prints (Science fans rejoice!) filtered through from just Risto and Christopher Kane to the more high street brands that are a bit more acceptable for broke students who want some space time loving too

Lightning strike dress!  As worn by Katy Perry who can A) afford it if B) it wasn't sent to her for free. Does anyone find it slightly disheartening when people who get swag for free talk about how much they love fashion and style? Isn't it what you do when you CAN'T afford it? Maybe the punks were onto something there....

All pics were taken from Tumblr. Oh and from every blog ever, Risto is a bit of a blog-catch on like perfume, macarons, Mary Jane flats or Alexa Chung


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Salem says

from here

Abbey Lee Kershaw style

The colours and prints, fuzzy jackets, sunglasses, jewellery

the shoes! Gustav Klimt print top, lace here and there, Hmong bag, in love!!

All pics from Tumblr, let us know if you want exact ones, or just go to Tumblr and punch in whatever the subject is and about a billion of the same pics are re circulated, boom!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reading Watching Listening

So there is an article about new Salinger texts here including the news the author himself did not want them published for a very long time, even decades after his death in 2010
you can, if you want, read them here

Watching The Big Lebowski (Steve Buscemi!!! Wahoo!!)

Listening to Marina and the Diamonds

All pics courtesy of Tumblr, top one linked

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Vengaboys

Up and Down= favourite song of theirs, RED LEATHER HOT PANTS ALERT!

in love

(all pics Tumblr)

House of Harlow knock off

Simply because it was pretty, here is a peacock cuff I got ages ago at Target for $5 

Suffice to say, when I found out that House of Harlow 1960, Nicole Richie's 'designs' (as I'm sure she worked very hard on them herself) had a peacock cuff too

I felt quite happy that I wasn't duped to pay a ridiculous price for something a supposed 'celebrity' has put their name to, and personally I love when similar copies of supposedly 'high end' products get mass produced and sold at a more acceptable prices, I know I'm not the demographic clientèle, but to fund the ridiculous lifestyles of these people is crazy! Spend 70 dollars on yourself, don't give it to Nicole Richie or Britney Spears' perfume, people think they're buying luxury but you're paying for someone else's trip to the moon!
Pic from house of harlow


No one dresses like this any more.....

...but wouldn't it be awesome if they did?
(all pics from Tumblr)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crazy Joe Davola, he likes to encourage intruders

One of the best screen characters of all time, crazy Joe Davola. 

"are you still scared of clowns?" "....yeah"

Best of Crazy Joe videos right here 
he will kibosh again right here with one of my favourite Elaine quotes of all time "In the darkroom?? oh, ah, no thank-you, not right now....I'm a day-person!" 

Who wouldn't want a stalker wall of Elaine-dom?

I share Kramer's fear of clowns, so here is another clip here

Thank you to whoever uploaded just the Davola clips on youtube, i am forever in your debt!

All pics from Youtube