Monday, April 20, 2015


In the past I may have been known to change the Disney "pirate's life for me" lyrics into "the Idlers life for me", for the few days of the week I wish to not be a pirate.

The Idler's life for me is a brilliant mixture of pursuing all the things I like to do in my spare time

Rhythmic Sun's soundcloud is a favourite destination:

link here the Dragon Dreaming set is my favourite, great time last year!

And if you were lucky enough to grow up in the nineties, chances are you came across Myst at some point, even if you weren't a gamer, it was a real hook for all people as the mystery of getting off the island was a brilliantly simple concept, yet so much work went into it!
Rumours of a Myst inspired tv series! Just what I need, more procrastination materials!

Hitting the job search hard:

Even those gods of music The Specials sing about unemployment in Ghost Town, much worth the listen if you don't know their stuff

Lots of time spent perusing National Geographic, online and off, a favourite destination to lose oneself in

Then there is the downside to Funemployment, such as being really cost restricted, which all students can relate to. I also like to get away from this modern world we have constructed for ourselves, and for these reasons, camping every few months is an absolute must, it helps me unravel and shake off the ideas of 'needs' vs 'wants' and gets you back in touch with abilities you don't necessarily use everyday, but which are really the most useful ones to have, such as finding clean water, first aid and campfire cooking, lighting the fire from scratch. The bare necessities

Some views of campsites past

All pics from Pinterest, Tumblr and last 3 are mine


Paloma Faith outfit favourites

Just some of her brilliant outfits ^_^ too many to choose from

All from Tumblr


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Late Bloomer (for the sky watchers)

I don't even really know if its self-righteous to claim the title of 'late bloomer' as I am still very young

(Single-handedly the most reassuring Wiki entry here)

There are days this collective emphasis on 'having it' and 'knowing what to do with your life' is maddening. Some of us just wake up each day and have no clue. Rather than a complacency thing, I see it as almost the opposite, almost paralysed with too much choice. Potential! The one word always thrown back at you when you're struggling

There are days where I feel myself breaking beneath all my 'potential' selves. The weight of this unrealised future gain is holding me back in the present, and a few other Idlers I have met in my travels. It becomes a trap rather than a release of pent up creativity. Comparison is the thief of joy, and the idealised future you could have is one that makes you feel like a loser in the now....

I don't want to be a sheep maaaaaaann!

But it is getting to that point in life where I have to pick something(s) and stick to them, otherwise they will pick me.
 As the saying goes "Let go or be dragged" some words to live by, I need to let go of this juvenile idea that I will be 'everything' I have planned.


This post is for the "late bloomers" or as older generations always like to look down and say, the wasted youth.Why do older people always forget what its like to be young?

The future is equally thrilling and terrifying

We are simultaneously faceless yet working towards that golden mask of unrealised 'time' and 'gains' from 'merit' and 'hard work'. The championing of Liberalism frightens me. In order to believe that people worked hard to be at the top, that they 'deserve' to be there, means by default, the people at the bottom deserve to be there too, it is a dangerously simplistic dichotomy to say the least

In the end, this whole idea of ourselves enduring constantly and forever is a myth, we will most likely, just like the billions before us, be forgotten. And rather than that being a pessimist view, I find it comforting. Even if you're working or not has been turned into a moral currency, you're a good person if you work and contribute, and simply bad if you simply don't. 

I am currently going through a bigger than realised at first stage of Funemployment, no one has what I have to offer, but I must believe that one day someone out there will look at my life summed up on paper, and be interested, mustn't I? 

What a curious way to run the world

So it goes.

All pics from Tumblr, Pinterest, general searches.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Caretaker An Empty Bliss beyond this world

James Kirby (The Caretaker) was inspired to make this album after reading a study in 2010 which suggested people with Alzheimer's had an easier time remembering certain information when it's contextualised with music. 

The fascinating thing about this album is how it is edited, some of the tracks loop and repeat in parts, then jump back and forth, in others it sounds like a needle scratching on an old record, stopping or starting mid-thought or contemplation, it's never executed in the form of a "fully finished" from start to end song structure. 

None of the work feels rushed or clumsy, or just too abstract in concept, the entire album is great listening and slows you down and is comforting.

Caretaker isn't just making good music here, he makes music designed to portray and mimic the puzzle like way our memories work, sometimes so clear, sometimes a memory is similar to trying to hold onto smoke, it just slips away

I don't own any of these images or sounds, all from YouTube, link provided


Woodford Folk Festival

UPDATE! FOUND the amazingly talented illustrator behind the Woodford art, his name is Gavin Ryan, more here

Hoping to make it to Woodford this year!

Site here for more info/ tickets

The National folky down in Canberra is always good fun, just a wonderful atmosphere filled with a great mix of people

Woodford program and online art always makes me happy, computer so filled with it all

No amount of words or pictures can convey how warm and responsive people are. The local share economies that pop up when you've forgotten sunscreen or even shoes, your camping neighbours are always more than happy to oblige, always a great bunch of people

And look, they have Paper Lanterns! ^_^ (get it? haha, my 17 year old self came up with this blog title!)

So beautiful

All pics from Woodford site, and associated fb, pinterest accounts


Monday, April 13, 2015

Colours, details, wahoo

Giambattista Valli 2015 pants!

Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily

Giambattista Valli 2015

Valentino 2015

WISH I knew who this last one was by! ^_^


Vanessa Hudgens, I've never watched a film of yours, but your wardrobe is awesome

Not a fan endorsed post, as I don't have much sympathy for Disney made millionaires caught topless however, Vanessa Hudgens has a kickass wardrobe and has a wonderfully free-spirited style, kickass taste maaaaan!

That kimono above is the fabric equivalent of dreaaaammmms!

I love the 70's colours and textures she mixes ^_^ 

All pics courtesy of F*ckyeahVanessaH! Tumblr