Thursday, April 16, 2015

Woodford Folk Festival

UPDATE! FOUND the amazingly talented illustrator behind the Woodford art, his name is Gavin Ryan, more here

Hoping to make it to Woodford this year!

Site here for more info/ tickets

The National folky down in Canberra is always good fun, just a wonderful atmosphere filled with a great mix of people

Woodford program and online art always makes me happy, computer so filled with it all

No amount of words or pictures can convey how warm and responsive people are. The local share economies that pop up when you've forgotten sunscreen or even shoes, your camping neighbours are always more than happy to oblige, always a great bunch of people

And look, they have Paper Lanterns! ^_^ (get it? haha, my 17 year old self came up with this blog title!)

So beautiful

All pics from Woodford site, and associated fb, pinterest accounts


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