Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10 for today

Kenojuak Ashevak: Ravens

Sharing bread in a 14th century illustration

Psychology of conciousness illustration, it would make a good album cover

Well I know where I would spend all my time if I lived in London
Check their sit out here if you are interested in a different way of approaching this crazy world of ours and this unmapped thing called life....

Alice Smith art, here is a link to her site really brilliant artist!

Medieval playing cards

made me laugh, because it's so true, but perhaps instead of the government we should bring back small scale farms to overgrow the producers of shitty supermarket produce, visit the local farmers market! The Canberra farmer's markets are great! I get great spaghetti squash on the weekends and a nice lady even gave me a wombok for free the other day because she said I had a nice smile ^_^

Simple pleasures

Does anyone else think it would be a good idea, in one way, to bring back the stocks? Not in a nasty "suffer BE HUMILIATED!" way, but in the sense that perhaps people would think twice about sillier/ pettier crimes? Just the psychological effect of knowing this was around might be enough? 

As I type this I'm aware of how evil it seems! There is such an ever present fear of humiliation, and sometimes what people describe as 'humiliating' such as a picture on their fakebook not getting enough likes, I wonder, imagine a time where your town could pelt you with rotting produce!

and number 10: just this reminder. A good graffito in my mind, so true

Pics from Pinterest and Tumblr


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