Friday, February 28, 2014

Marie Antoinette Vogue 2006

I could be getting my photo shoots mixed up, maybe there were two, BUT! here are some pictures from the Marie Antoinette inspired shoot for Vogue

What do you guys think about Marie Antoinette? I remember studying the French Revolution for a whole semester, it's pretty interesting how polarising she can be. Studies coincided with the release of Sofia Coppola's film, my media teacher was outraged, carrying on how you can't make an icon out of a villain, but the film worked really well in highlighting how young she really was. A teenage girl in an unfamiliar place with a lot of power, of course it was a recipe for disaster.

When I was in Lucerne, Switzerland, I made sure I said hello to the lion.He's there in remembrance of the Swiss guards who gave their lives defending an empty building after Marie and Louis XVI snuck out the back and didn't tell anyone

I found the Antonia Fraser book in the op shop happily make my way through it on my bus rides through town

This shoot is marvellous in capturing the over the top pomp and ceremony Marie Antoinette became known for

It is a good idea for a shoot, even if the idea is to sell more tickets and more magazines

Pics from Vogue


Bill Gates dressed as a chicken

Told you so

Pic from NBC


Brigitte Bardot: La Madrague

Bardot's home of many years, La Madrague, featured in a few magazines of the time, to be fair, I'm not sure if all these pics are of La Madrague, but I love everything about these photos! The indoor plants, the wicker furniture, beaded curtains, sixties interior excess 

What a lounge! Gigantic fireplace, no television the central focus of the room, wahoo!

I know the press drove Bardot crazy at moments, all she wanted to do was look after her animals :)

This balcony is the best!! The carpets, the plants, the shape and size of it, being level with the trees, I love elevated places that glimpse into trees that make you feel you are up amongst them

What a fun little hideout in Saint Tropez, all you have to do is keep an eye out for Eddie and Patsy ;)

Pics from Pinterest


Lorde style

for Vogue, can't wait to read the full article, I really like Lorde, here is a link to her Tumblr
I really love the dress and that floral crown is beautiful! Actual crown too, not just flowers for the shoot, I love that floral headbands 'caught on' as a 'trend' so poetic dreamy and romantic, now if only the times could eradicate denim underpants and 'side boob' bleurgh...

at the Grammy's

Bold silhouette on the streets

Don't need to caption where ;) her hair is mesmerising!

and THAT! is the necklace mentioned in a previous post. I love her Daria-esque hair and tone. Not to mention the Kenzo jumper, thanks to steal their style :)!
Listen to Pure Heroine if you yet haven't, each song is great

Pics from Daily Mail and Steal her Style


Laurent Seroussi

Photographer Laurent Seroussi work

Model's heads on bugs bodies, strangely hypnotic!

And hilarious! Katydid dress a la Chanel on the red carpet, wooh! wouldn't that be sick?

Pics from Pinterest


Kate Moss Harper's Bazaar June/July 2012

Favourite shots from the editorial, not all pics ;)

Ah yeah, chain-mail!

Pics from HB site


Monday, February 24, 2014

Kate Moss

Vogue Paris May 2011 in the Givenchy swan dress Florence Welch wore to the Grammys? one year, but what a beautiful photo that is. I really like it in black and white for the photo, but it doesn't do that dress justice

Who did it better?

In Vivienne Westwood, god damn I love those shoes

This shot of Kate and Naomi in the nineties cracks me up so much. It reminds me of Clueless down to pretty much every detail.Knee socks, tartan, hilarity!

Alot from Pinterest, rest from Tumblr


Some favourite looks lately

Olivia Palermo out in New York, this girl can dress

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

Alexa Chung in a wicked metallic coat

Fearne Cotton in a really pretty silver dress at the Brit awards, I think this dress is so pretty with it's intricate overlay

Liberty Ross I really like fuzzy jackets. Your ex has to be kicking himself, surely

Love the dress Katy Perry, not a fan of the hair and makeup. Vivienne Westwood dress, same cut that Juliette Lewis wore to the Golden Globes

I really think this colour looked lovely on Poppy Delevigne

Emma Watson could look great climbing out a wet paper bag at 2 in the morning in the middle of a field, what a pretty girl

Pics from Daily Mail and