Friday, February 21, 2014

Lady Gaga recents

I love some of Lady Gaga's outfits lately. It's really funny how flared up people get about her, they either love or hate, I'll not defence everything Gaga does in the name of 'art' (cough cough) but I like how she looks like a crazy club kid who just wants to have fun

I love this Donatella-esque gown with hood! She looked beautiful there, I love that campy, ultra Versace vibe she has

Her image is very structured and manufactured, but she seems to just have fun with clothing, and it really upsets some people, I think a giant part of her appeal is that she is so hyper- done

I love that crazy pink coat, and she is good to her fans. I can attest to this when I saw her in Melbourne, she spent ages signing autographs. I've seen other artists yell and even spit at fans, disgusting, they're the reason these people are where they are

I love how she looks like a modern version of a crazy renaissance widow in mourning

And she wore all white and threw a bouquet of flowers to her fans, she's crazy! But having fun

All pictures from The Daily Mail


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