Friday, February 28, 2014

Marie Antoinette Vogue 2006

I could be getting my photo shoots mixed up, maybe there were two, BUT! here are some pictures from the Marie Antoinette inspired shoot for Vogue

What do you guys think about Marie Antoinette? I remember studying the French Revolution for a whole semester, it's pretty interesting how polarising she can be. Studies coincided with the release of Sofia Coppola's film, my media teacher was outraged, carrying on how you can't make an icon out of a villain, but the film worked really well in highlighting how young she really was. A teenage girl in an unfamiliar place with a lot of power, of course it was a recipe for disaster.

When I was in Lucerne, Switzerland, I made sure I said hello to the lion.He's there in remembrance of the Swiss guards who gave their lives defending an empty building after Marie and Louis XVI snuck out the back and didn't tell anyone

I found the Antonia Fraser book in the op shop happily make my way through it on my bus rides through town

This shoot is marvellous in capturing the over the top pomp and ceremony Marie Antoinette became known for

It is a good idea for a shoot, even if the idea is to sell more tickets and more magazines

Pics from Vogue


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