Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota is an installation artists, her work is mesmerising
 See more here

Pics from her site


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Books and Brooklyn

Philosophy and onto a journal received for Christmas, as my other one is falling to bits....

Flowers of evil, TS Eliot, Philip Larkin= lots of poetry. 
It's something frankly that I don't tell many people: that I am slightly obsessive about poetry and write a lot of my own! I need to find a poetry pal. We can get wankered on Rose and read to each other beneath the trees by the sea...

my love all snuggly and warm


Hope you had a happy Easter

Or as I call it, Zombie Jesus day

And on a slightly related note, because rabbits eat carrots, did you know there is a world carrot museum in Belgium? I really need to move to Europe

This is just too good

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Winsor McCay work

What a talented man! Winsor McCay was known for his surreal drawings and animations

His notable works being Dream of the rarebit fiend, Little Nemo, and this animation, Gertie the dinosaur

His work is hypnotic, once you start looking it all up, you can't stop



Witches in the air
I stare at this one for ages at a time

definitely my two favourite Goya paintings

Witches Sabbath
look at those brush strokes!

and a black painting

Pics from Pinterest


Sienna Miller Dari Meya top

Scoured eBay years ago until I found this lovely little smock top after spotting it on Sienna, so cute and whimsical! Dari Meya= happiness!

Pic from Pinterest, other my own


Monday, April 14, 2014

Tilda Swinton and her hairy slippers

Because that is just so much more entertaining a title than "feathered Schiaperelli slippers"

At I believe it was the Berlin film festival. I know the Germans are known for subversive style, but these are ridiculous! Can a fashionista please explain to me even the artistic merit in such monstrosities? I am so lost in the the land of hilarity. At the risk of being a hater, these are not even art! they are just plain ridiculous
feel free to spam how I don't 'get' the world of fashion

Pic from Daily Mail


Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

If you're stuck for a good book, look no further, Hugo Cabret has been one of the most delightful friends I've had for lonely bus trips for some time. The storyline is charming, heartbreaking and beautiful and the illustrations wonderful!

You really want to be by Hugo's side every step of his journey

The wonderful world of books and film remain an essential escape for many people! That is probably universal wouldn't you say!

If I have infringed copyright I apologise, that was not my intention, I just wished to showcase some brilliant parts of a beautiful story

Sarcastic as a lot of the content of this here blog may be, from time to time nothing beats a heart warming squishy happy post

Do yourself a favour and read this book! I detest the label Children's literature! I read more Children's literature than 'adult' literature for sure!


New Kate Moss for Topshop collection

I really like this one. New collection can be seen here

I suppose the others done good!
 Pic from Topshop


Grand taxonomy of Shakespearean insults

Available here
So brilliant. My favourite insult ever is one my sister told me, from a Robin Hobb book "you misbegotten piece of wharf trash" waiting for the day I can use it

Pic from link above


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cosmo Kramer

Probably my favourite Seinfeld character

All from the Seinfeld captions Tumblr


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I hope Canberra likes Pink Floyd...

because there is a lot of Floyd themed street art coming to a bus stop near you...

Got crazy spoiled for my birthday, 2 Absolute Sandman editions and complete Daria

Getting to wake up next to my best fuzzy friend

Surprising mates with cards made from butterflies I find in the front yard. Named these two Harold and Maude

Bobo had an accident a while ago, but he will be on the mend ULTRA soon! He remains in very high spirits meanwhile!


10 for today

Tim Walker pictures for rainy days

John William Waterhouse

There's some great words out there!

Vintage moons, thinking of making a few giant paste ups of these to brighten Canberra's tunnelled walkways

Some wise words

What a lovely illustration

Chaucer's Canterbury tales, also good for rainy days with woolly socks, furry friends and spiced mead!

Mania Mania ring. I saw Jessa wearing it in Season 3 of Girls. It's kind of ridiculous to have a junkie character wearing a $300 ring, even if she is a 'bohemian' and all that

Not one for weddings, but didn't Mary look lovely back in the wedding episode before Downton depressed the interwebs with its storylines? What a lovely ethereal look. Won't see any awful puffy sleeves and diamantes back then

Pics from Tumblr and Pinterest. Let me know if you want an exact source, referencing is my downfall at Uni and on blogger


Opening Ceremony x Magritte

I am very excite!

Arty hipsters trying to be arty sometimes get it JUST right!

Pics from Opening Ceremony site