Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

If you're stuck for a good book, look no further, Hugo Cabret has been one of the most delightful friends I've had for lonely bus trips for some time. The storyline is charming, heartbreaking and beautiful and the illustrations wonderful!

You really want to be by Hugo's side every step of his journey

The wonderful world of books and film remain an essential escape for many people! That is probably universal wouldn't you say!

If I have infringed copyright I apologise, that was not my intention, I just wished to showcase some brilliant parts of a beautiful story

Sarcastic as a lot of the content of this here blog may be, from time to time nothing beats a heart warming squishy happy post

Do yourself a favour and read this book! I detest the label Children's literature! I read more Children's literature than 'adult' literature for sure!


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