Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Imitation Game/ Alan Turing

(Pics courtesy of Wikipedia)

A Brilliant film about a brilliant man

Due to a book project I was involved in years ago, and a general love of history, the name Turing was familiar. When I learnt the full story of Alan Turing and his horrendous treatment from his own country after his service in the second world war, I too looked forward to the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing, and he did a brilliant job. I love this movie so very very much and could not recommend it more. Of course some aspects have been dramatised but what can we realistically expect from Holly-weird. The history of Alan Turing and the Imitation Game are things that can make me cry at the drop of a hat, the injustice of it all reminds me of Nikola Tesla (don't even get me started!)

This is a brilliant film that I could not tell you enough times to watch. Learn about Alan Turing and make your own mind up about what truly being of service to 'your country' is


Friday, September 18, 2015

The World's fair, Paris 1900

(Image source here)
Already to begin with, the poster art is incredible

And this was the entryway (source here )

Above is rare footage, courtesy of YouTube, MetalDrake channel
and below is the WONDERFUL documentary series People's Century, (uploaded by Jack black, no copyright infringement intended)
In the first half of the documentary, there is wonderful footage from the world's fair and people who remembered it talk about it (and its magical moving footpaths) the footage is enchanting! the whole of  People's century is brilliant.

(Image source here )

 the Eiffel tower and its lights display (image source here)


MYST television series

(image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Ah! children of the nineties who never owned any games consoles but had access to PC games rejoice!

A television series based on Myst is being made, though of course, when it actually comes out it shall be far more exciting! 

I spent hours playing MYST when I was young, it was brilliantly suspenseful and required a different kind of thinking!

And who can forget the brilliant soundtrack, still to this day I play it when I study, here's a snippet

Source: YouTube: DilandauMusic channel

Can't wait for it to be out!