Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CODA: And maps and plans

A very beautiful animated short well worth your time to see

Wonderful! By And maps and plans

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Step back in time


Bianca Jagger

Winona Ryder

John Waters and Iggy Pop

Mariannae Faithfull


Raquel Welch and Ringo Starr

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Finally accessible lofty academic ideals...

(Source: School of life Youtube channel, link below)

The School of Life Youtube channel, here, is one of my favourite internet pit stops. In my weekly round up of trying to understand world events, and not be crushed by them, the School of life has a great narrative, a philosophical, slightly melancholy, but most importantly- an understandable narrative.

Though still a student (people love boxes and labels and people to put in the boxes with labels!) I find it frustrating and to be perfectly frank- annoying- how lofty academic ideals are held up on a pedestal, accessed by only the smartest most wonderful academics. NO! This is one of the places where the internet demonstrates its charm, in an age of information, ignorance is a choice.

The internet connects us with many dialogues, many ideas, many idealists. It can be an important tool (and at times, a weapon) of trying to further understand the world we are in. Many great works of art, literature, music and social commentary are at our fingertips. 

We can share a laugh with others: (Source: Sassy Socialist Memes, via their Facebook page)

We can access history, PDF's of books, documentaries. Philosophy, history and politics are for everyone, and for those with a greater interest, finally these academic ideas which remained so high on a much-praised shelf of inaccessible academia, are being widely proliferated for anyone to see.

Of course, though one must navigate a few crazy keyboard warriors and find primary sources and verify their facts, as the dark side of the internet is that any ridiculous view, no matter how extreme will be shared by someone else with an internet connection.

I love the work the School of Life Youtube channel showcases, finally 'big ideas' are broken down and shared in an arena where perhaps we can share a sense of perspective.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ghost writer monster/ Gooey-Gus

THIS entry nails it! I was perhaps around 6 years old, and the bubblegum monster of Gooey Gus was as hard as it is to believe now looking at him- simply terrifying!

I was even convinced he would show up at school to get me, so laughable! A great albeit haunted memory, and a wonderful blog post, good to see I wasn't the only one scarred by this experience, as I am still quite bitter at not receiving my Hogwarts letter too, too much for one person to stand!


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Friday, June 12, 2015

Captions! (winners)

Marie Antoinette

She's the Man

Cosmo Kramer makes every day worth living

John Waters' brilliant speech! ^_^

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fearful for meaningful future employment

(Banksy above)

I am genuinely obsessed with this video:

Courtesy of CGP Grey. 
BUT! Check this out:

The novelty may seem great, and I am sure it's kind of like self-serve at the supermarket or people don't see it too differently, but is anyone else out there scared from a meaningful employment future if jobs, particularly jobs that are relied upon due to their lower skill set (not a judgement, as someone who has been a bartender and a checkout chick, I am well aware of how patronising society at large can be at times, it's not the job, it's the assumption from some that you can't do anything else) become increasingly robotised and computerised, where does that leave the 'unskilled' sector of the labour force?

Sure, new jobs are being created, and many reports have come out saying that the jobs our kids will be doing are not even known yet, but what happens if automation catches up at a much higher rate than we realise? Specialisation isn't the economic sanctity it was once revered as, all jobs are mildly at threat.

I must sound like a fringe dwelling whackadoo, but there are a lot of people out there starting to speak up about the threat of automation, I just hope we can realise this and move appropriately and progress appropriately to accommodate

What a world! 17 years of education potentially rendered useless by some plastic, wires and programming, going to read Sartre to comfort myself!


Alice in Wonderland, The Cramps and John Waters: what more do you need?

Above, an anti-drug Public Service announcement from 1971, which is so brilliant

The Cramps giving a tour of their house (kinda) and a quick look inside their world

And everyone's favourite pervert, the marvellous John Waters giving a graduation commencement speech, 12 minutes of sheer brilliance

Stay Sick!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

World moon

I WISH I knew who illustrator was of the picture above! It is mesmerising and brilliant, a friend sent it to me and alas did not accompany the name with the forwarded image, and could not find the artist when they went searching. We WISH we knew who it was by!!! Brilliant!

Taken from here

Taken from here

These illustrations of our celestial rocks are the BEST!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Outings project

Here is a link to the official page of the Outings project, started by artist Julie de Casabianca, in a bid to move 'highbrow' art out of museums and onto the streets where it can be seen and enjoyed by all, a really wonderful project with a compelling idea behind it!

All pics from the site page


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

10 for today: art

Takashi Murakami is a brilliant artist

Ralph Steadman illustrations for Fahrenheit 451

Anna Higgie above and below link to her site here everything on it is KICKASS!

Sascha Schneider A feeling of dependence below

Sergius Hruby

Egon Schiele

Isaac Cordal link to his site here far out I really love the narrative of these pieces, just brilliant

Hari and Deepti paper cut outs, more here

Jen Collins more here

Abigail Gray Swartz here is the link to this immensely brilliant artist!

Enjoy, all other pics sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise indicated


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Animal prints

Valentino 2014
The lacy collar and shoulders, the muted colours, Unicorns alongside lions and squids, this dress is in the top ten of fanciful gowns I shall never own, but to gaze upon them is fun enough

A Frankie editorial I have been obsessing about for years, and they didn't even list who the shirt was by! What's the point?!

Both pics from Tumblr