Monday, June 29, 2015

Finally accessible lofty academic ideals...

(Source: School of life Youtube channel, link below)

The School of Life Youtube channel, here, is one of my favourite internet pit stops. In my weekly round up of trying to understand world events, and not be crushed by them, the School of life has a great narrative, a philosophical, slightly melancholy, but most importantly- an understandable narrative.

Though still a student (people love boxes and labels and people to put in the boxes with labels!) I find it frustrating and to be perfectly frank- annoying- how lofty academic ideals are held up on a pedestal, accessed by only the smartest most wonderful academics. NO! This is one of the places where the internet demonstrates its charm, in an age of information, ignorance is a choice.

The internet connects us with many dialogues, many ideas, many idealists. It can be an important tool (and at times, a weapon) of trying to further understand the world we are in. Many great works of art, literature, music and social commentary are at our fingertips. 

We can share a laugh with others: (Source: Sassy Socialist Memes, via their Facebook page)

We can access history, PDF's of books, documentaries. Philosophy, history and politics are for everyone, and for those with a greater interest, finally these academic ideas which remained so high on a much-praised shelf of inaccessible academia, are being widely proliferated for anyone to see.

Of course, though one must navigate a few crazy keyboard warriors and find primary sources and verify their facts, as the dark side of the internet is that any ridiculous view, no matter how extreme will be shared by someone else with an internet connection.

I love the work the School of Life Youtube channel showcases, finally 'big ideas' are broken down and shared in an arena where perhaps we can share a sense of perspective.

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