Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fearful for meaningful future employment

(Banksy above)

I am genuinely obsessed with this video:

Courtesy of CGP Grey. 
BUT! Check this out:

The novelty may seem great, and I am sure it's kind of like self-serve at the supermarket or people don't see it too differently, but is anyone else out there scared from a meaningful employment future if jobs, particularly jobs that are relied upon due to their lower skill set (not a judgement, as someone who has been a bartender and a checkout chick, I am well aware of how patronising society at large can be at times, it's not the job, it's the assumption from some that you can't do anything else) become increasingly robotised and computerised, where does that leave the 'unskilled' sector of the labour force?

Sure, new jobs are being created, and many reports have come out saying that the jobs our kids will be doing are not even known yet, but what happens if automation catches up at a much higher rate than we realise? Specialisation isn't the economic sanctity it was once revered as, all jobs are mildly at threat.

I must sound like a fringe dwelling whackadoo, but there are a lot of people out there starting to speak up about the threat of automation, I just hope we can realise this and move appropriately and progress appropriately to accommodate

What a world! 17 years of education potentially rendered useless by some plastic, wires and programming, going to read Sartre to comfort myself!


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