Saturday, August 31, 2013


Why so mediocre, English? (note, i love you English, but there are some wonderful words out there to collect....) 

I shall save the fan-girl-ing for elsewhere, but this is heavily recommended, if only so you can practise and perfect your villain laugh

Picasso dancing, words cannot describe how happy this made me the first time i saw it. I don't want to sound like a hipster dufus, but i genuinely cried the first time i saw the painting of Guernica and i think the art class thought i was mentally unstable, so this photo is a good combatant to the overwhelming sadness of some of his pieces 

This is my ratta Columbus, so named for the explorer. He lives in the fridge to keep the dinosaurs company, he has been with me since my childhood love for Horrible Histories (the cartoons! wahoo!) 

Plague doctor postcard next to my beautiful weird gold ratta/ mousey thing. She looks like a Pokemon. 

Can't wait for more blooms to come up to fill the house with colour. My sister has a wonderful banner at the top of her blog of the best tree in our yard. 
I like to pay attention to the little things, i miss the leaves when they are gone.


(pics courtesy of Wikipedia and Tumblr)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Salem says it's Saturday 01


Cherry blossoms + heavenly weather = good times 

op shop delights 

Brooklyn and his blossoms 

Cotton On  tote bag, that font makes me wish Halloween was all year round (and more picked up on in Australia in general in a non- commercial sell plastic crap sort of way though...) 


Thursday, August 29, 2013


Saturn's rings, magnified sand grains 
(pics courtesy of NASA, university of arizona and here ) 


how to be a hermit: part one

Listen to 


(In future X Files related posts, i will definitely re use this image, there's a reason its every Scully fan's favourite quote! :) ) 


Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011, no denying that these are a work of art. (ridiculous obsession with butterflies aside..)

I couldn't find the Tim Walker pictured I adored, so here is my terrible scan of it. Would seriously don those wings to an occasion if i had half a chance to

Hard work being that ^good looking. 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Insert title here


from selected poems by Pablo Neruda. 

Crazy weather patterns, they only enhance those mountains though! 

Yes this clip is in overuse because it was in Amelie, but that aerial shot of the horse at the front of the pack over the bridge is dynamically beautiful:

Paperblanks journals:

Left: Gold Inlay design and Right: Damas Marble 
These beauties are courtesy of fine stationery makers Paper blanks. As an avid journal writer and keen history nerd, i always feel that what im writing is at home in these marvellous tomes, you can look at more of their beauties here
Look at the beauty of the colours in the Safavid style:

Picked this up at an op shop for $5 saw it the next day at an antique shop for $50:

Not a fan of serious 'proper' jewellery, the Betsey Johnson earrings are for a friend from my lovely sister, what a fun pair of ear spanglers! Arwen's pendant was from my sister, my Tom Binns flying fuck was from the other half as a 21st present and the 'saucepan lid' as it's known is from the same op shop as her ^ 

What kind of bits have you all found at op shops? little magnificent treasure troves that they are 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Man-dals ever

Posted about man-dle candles, now what about man-dal sandals? I love this picture so much:


Potterings about..

This time of year is when the magic slowly starts to creep back in, instead of just the cold. For starters, all the cherry blossoms are in bloom, they look so pretty lining the streets, a much needed burst of colour.

A sweet scent lingers on the air when you're out and about, or hanging the laundry, it is a much welcomed scent for boring housework. Brooklyn of course remains the best company anyone could ask for 

Lots of reading going on too

Natural beauties. Some get brought inside, some remain out to colour the world which is slowly colouring itself in. 


Monday, August 26, 2013

Ten for today

1) The Moomins by Tove Jansson. Everytime i miss my sister (which is often) i look at Moomin illustrations or watch an episode and feel like i am instantly with her. The colours and the ambience of the show instantly melt any anxiety away...

2) Sienna Miller's headband.

(isn't her daughter precious?) 
3) Snapdragons 
4) MOR candles. i burnt my basil and grape down to the wick, my pomegranate one is still going strong though! 

5) The pic i left out of that delightful underwater shoot

6) Joan of Arc. A complete sucker for history, i especially love how if someone heard voices and demanded control of the french army today, they would be a small column in a paper about local loonies and not an enduring martyr who captures minds and imaginations to this day 

7) Iggy and Lou Lou's bluebird necklaces. So simple and quaint. Been dreaming of owning this little charmer for years

8) Guillermo Del Toro's sketchbooks. i love diarists! especially ones who can draw! 

9) TMOD. Their cards have such beautiful attentions to detail, and i love the nostalgia and whimsy in them, but for now lets admire this bag by them: 

10) Lazy days off listening to helicopters fly overhead. 

(last pic taken from TMOD website, Bluebird necklace taken from Iggy and Lou Lou website, Moomin scans by yours truly, other pics taken from Tumblr searches...bad blogger.....) 


Reading Watching Listening

Listening to

Power Corruption and Lies by the one and only New Order

and just finished reading 

wishing for:
a HESTON BLUMENTHAL edible Hansel and Gretel house (people can fit in it!) as per his fantastic feasts (recommended watching :) the entire thing is edible! life just isn't fair, why cant we all live in edible houses? 

(pics ripped from Wikipedia and Channel 4 UK site )