Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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from selected poems by Pablo Neruda. 

Crazy weather patterns, they only enhance those mountains though! 

Yes this clip is in overuse because it was in Amelie, but that aerial shot of the horse at the front of the pack over the bridge is dynamically beautiful:

Paperblanks journals:

Left: Gold Inlay design and Right: Damas Marble 
These beauties are courtesy of fine stationery makers Paper blanks. As an avid journal writer and keen history nerd, i always feel that what im writing is at home in these marvellous tomes, you can look at more of their beauties here
Look at the beauty of the colours in the Safavid style:

Picked this up at an op shop for $5 saw it the next day at an antique shop for $50:

Not a fan of serious 'proper' jewellery, the Betsey Johnson earrings are for a friend from my lovely sister, what a fun pair of ear spanglers! Arwen's pendant was from my sister, my Tom Binns flying fuck was from the other half as a 21st present and the 'saucepan lid' as it's known is from the same op shop as her ^ 

What kind of bits have you all found at op shops? little magnificent treasure troves that they are 


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