Saturday, August 31, 2013


Why so mediocre, English? (note, i love you English, but there are some wonderful words out there to collect....) 

I shall save the fan-girl-ing for elsewhere, but this is heavily recommended, if only so you can practise and perfect your villain laugh

Picasso dancing, words cannot describe how happy this made me the first time i saw it. I don't want to sound like a hipster dufus, but i genuinely cried the first time i saw the painting of Guernica and i think the art class thought i was mentally unstable, so this photo is a good combatant to the overwhelming sadness of some of his pieces 

This is my ratta Columbus, so named for the explorer. He lives in the fridge to keep the dinosaurs company, he has been with me since my childhood love for Horrible Histories (the cartoons! wahoo!) 

Plague doctor postcard next to my beautiful weird gold ratta/ mousey thing. She looks like a Pokemon. 

Can't wait for more blooms to come up to fill the house with colour. My sister has a wonderful banner at the top of her blog of the best tree in our yard. 
I like to pay attention to the little things, i miss the leaves when they are gone.


(pics courtesy of Wikipedia and Tumblr)

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