Monday, August 26, 2013

Ten for today

1) The Moomins by Tove Jansson. Everytime i miss my sister (which is often) i look at Moomin illustrations or watch an episode and feel like i am instantly with her. The colours and the ambience of the show instantly melt any anxiety away...

2) Sienna Miller's headband.

(isn't her daughter precious?) 
3) Snapdragons 
4) MOR candles. i burnt my basil and grape down to the wick, my pomegranate one is still going strong though! 

5) The pic i left out of that delightful underwater shoot

6) Joan of Arc. A complete sucker for history, i especially love how if someone heard voices and demanded control of the french army today, they would be a small column in a paper about local loonies and not an enduring martyr who captures minds and imaginations to this day 

7) Iggy and Lou Lou's bluebird necklaces. So simple and quaint. Been dreaming of owning this little charmer for years

8) Guillermo Del Toro's sketchbooks. i love diarists! especially ones who can draw! 

9) TMOD. Their cards have such beautiful attentions to detail, and i love the nostalgia and whimsy in them, but for now lets admire this bag by them: 

10) Lazy days off listening to helicopters fly overhead. 

(last pic taken from TMOD website, Bluebird necklace taken from Iggy and Lou Lou website, Moomin scans by yours truly, other pics taken from Tumblr searches...bad blogger.....) 


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