Sunday, August 25, 2013

3 quick things of note...

Tatty Devine:
As a sucker for all things fairytale related this has to be one of the greatest pieces of jewellery to be brought to life, it's big and whimsical and everything fun jewellery should be! Tatty Devine make some of the most amazing pieces anyone could dream up! Check out their webiste for more whimsical pieces...

Also, the other half's birthday is coming up and there's alot to live up to, as i made him a bacon cake last year (cake-on, get it :P ) i found THESE! but sadly cannot find a way to buy them in Australia..? 

A bacon Man-dle would greatly compliment the bench grinder i've got hidden under the house, wouldn't you say? 
and last, but never least, a wonderful photo by the mega-talented Tim Walker, I haven't been able to take my eyes off it. I love skeletons, and who doesn't love a dancing one at that? Tim Walker's photos do a lot of rounds on blogs, and for damn good reason, i spend many an hour trawling through on-line treasuries of his work:

Off for a bike ride in the mountains on one of the few warm days Canberra has given us poor cold souls in quite some time! xx

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