Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween

Little ghost tags with dopey halloween jokes on the back for the cute little trick or treaters!

Bowl full of ghosties

The skull is called Barnabus, he is Bobo's stunt double head

 Halloween playlist blasting out the house, you know, Thriller, Nightmare before Christmas, Somebody's watching me, Monster Mash, way better than cutesy politically correct Christmas tunes

Old Crystal Vodka bottle filled with water and food dye

Eugene (the resin dwelling spider!) taped to the window, homemade ghostie garland, proper vintage decorations found inside a book from an op shop, score!

This book is pretty fun. I hope that anyone who tricked or treated had a delightful time 

and so does Bobo!
Can't wait for next year

Gruesome fairy tale truths

Unbeknownst to many a Disney fan, original fairy tales are not what they would have you believe, the real ones are far more sinister and twisted. (i feel like a rock band that only sings operettas about fairy tales should call themselves Twisted Sinister) Some Fairy tales were concocted to teach a moral lesson and to keep children from wandering off, thus keeping them in their town. We in the 21st century are being ripped off with cleaned up squeaky clean sugar spun niceties, when we are missing out on some of the best plot twists ever! 

In relation to my frog prince post, some versions believed that in order to break the spell on the frog prince, he had to be thrown against a wall, burned and decapitated. 

In some versions of Pinnochio, Geppetto kills the cricket with a hammer, not what happened to Walt Disney's Jiminy Cricket at all. And Sleeping Beauty was raped by her own father and woke up nine months later to the news that she had twins! 

Even when i was super little the only Disney film i could bring myself to like was Beauty and the Beast and that was because of the castle.
Here is a great short Youtube video that sums up the best of the messed ;)
and here is a really great top ten 
and this and this one are pretty great too. 
Now, to alleviate the fumes of perfection, here are some Zombie Disney princesses by this guy. Very talented

Off to a Zombie Shuffle with some luck tomorrow! Yay for something interesting happening in Canberra!
Enjoy having your childhood ruined, you're welcome. 
(Dismay logo from Tumblr)

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

Hello internet dwellers, we can rejoice for Shelley Duvall's faerie tale theatre in all its dated kitschy goodness is all up on Youtube! You can watch the first episode, The Frog Prince right here

Princess Bitchface's hilarious parents

Robin Williams as a frog. Only he could turn a fairy tale into an adult comedy

Witty double entendre's like "horny toad", don't worry, frog gives as good sass as he gets

He also likes to correct grammar, the world needs more grammar Nazi amphibians

I love medieval anything, especially fairy tale interpretations of the 80's, killer hair dont's

I can't find screen caps for it (nor is my comp letting me do them at the moment??!) of a highly detailed and excellent scorpion vs. frog sword fight scene. Old school special effects are SO good! I wonder what will happen as technology advances even more, will our offspring think of all this as frightfully dull? They better not

Floating gold ball that also doubles as a communication device! and one of the best prosthetic noses ever. Also worth noting in this episode: the Father Time-esque character, frog prince does Shakespeare, the use of the term old crone (let's bring it back instead of 'hag' which has judgemental connotations) and Eric Idle narrates! (and directs) just like he did in another dopey but awesome over the top tale, Ella Enchanted.

Sincerely hope these don't fade from the collective subconscious!
Happy Watching
(pics courtesy of Tumblr)

Thea Porter: clothery witchraft

This ^ is the dress that is made from dreams! Originally found a whole post on one of my favourite blogs, I love Cat Party about it, and i can completely see why. Best fabric print ever, it is Thea Porter, you can read more about her here. The design is incredible! nothing about it i don't like, apart from its rarity of course :( 

Kate Moss wore a blue Thea Porter dress for her rehearsal dinner, i loved how old school she looked! Google more Thea designs if you're into the wicked vibes these creations exude!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

Now to get Bobo ready for the night's festivities

Dita Von Teese house continued

Also, found these on Youtube, I'm a sucker for an internet peek at an interior, even if i have to endure silly video interviews, just look at the wallpaper! That taxidermy collection is molto amazing. I love how ridiculously over the top everything is, very carefully selected! 

Link to videos here
If i had a house like that i would never leave. her whole house is a Halloween outfit!

Rita Ora vs. Pink Power Ranger

Not going to lie, if i had a pink latex-y jumpsuit i wouldn't use a music festival as an excuse to break out that bad boy

Dita Von Teese house

Some scans of inside Dita Von Teese's house, i shall return to this topic. Taxidermy galore! Velvet-y over the top glamour, William Morris-esque (kinda) wallpaper, grandfather clock! This place is incredible! Well done Heather Renee Sweet! (birth name usage, like a grandparent)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie Sioux, your pants are wicked, just like your music and killer make up skills. I wish i had friends who would cause national scandals to defend my honour, even if it was over something as silly as an F-bomb, to think the power that one word has? But when you are a talented singer and performer, i suppose them words come in handy. Your topless fetish BDSM-esque outfits slightly frightened me when i was a young impressionable whipper snapper, but i suppose people think it's arty or ironic when they wear a t shirt with a photo with breasts instead of going the full monty? Still confused with that 'tit top' trend, but, no judgement, each to their own. Thanks for cool threads (you know, when you're wearing them) and awesome music, props to them Banshees and their killer hair do's (or hair dont's, who knows?)


Crap i missed on eBay

and now I'm sad

Happy sloth socks!

Exceedingly sequin-y awesomely kitschy Sportsgirl beaded bag

Ladakh Brocade dress. It would go with Joan of Arc boots and a sword quite well

Pink shift dress. think it was a Target design
(all pics obviously from eBay)