Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 for today

Tim Walker pictures for rainy days

John William Waterhouse

There's some great words out there!

Vintage moons, thinking of making a few giant paste ups of these to brighten Canberra's tunnelled walkways

Some wise words

What a lovely illustration

Chaucer's Canterbury tales, also good for rainy days with woolly socks, furry friends and spiced mead!

Mania Mania ring. I saw Jessa wearing it in Season 3 of Girls. It's kind of ridiculous to have a junkie character wearing a $300 ring, even if she is a 'bohemian' and all that

Not one for weddings, but didn't Mary look lovely back in the wedding episode before Downton depressed the interwebs with its storylines? What a lovely ethereal look. Won't see any awful puffy sleeves and diamantes back then

Pics from Tumblr and Pinterest. Let me know if you want an exact source, referencing is my downfall at Uni and on blogger


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