Friday, February 28, 2014

Lorde style

for Vogue, can't wait to read the full article, I really like Lorde, here is a link to her Tumblr
I really love the dress and that floral crown is beautiful! Actual crown too, not just flowers for the shoot, I love that floral headbands 'caught on' as a 'trend' so poetic dreamy and romantic, now if only the times could eradicate denim underpants and 'side boob' bleurgh...

at the Grammy's

Bold silhouette on the streets

Don't need to caption where ;) her hair is mesmerising!

and THAT! is the necklace mentioned in a previous post. I love her Daria-esque hair and tone. Not to mention the Kenzo jumper, thanks to steal their style :)!
Listen to Pure Heroine if you yet haven't, each song is great

Pics from Daily Mail and Steal her Style


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