Friday, February 14, 2014

Drew Barrymore style


and 2000's

Love the suspenders! :)

Can't be put in one category, eclectic taste is awesome, you never know what to expect, whether polished or nice and casual, Drew Barrymore always seems to pull it off

I love the colours in all these, the 30's style dress far left she looked incredible! Second from left, the giant satin bow looks lovely as a contrasting colour, 3rd along we have a brilliantly structured gown, not taking itself seriously, just having fun.

I am in LOVE with that McQueen dress, its detail is incredible.

I know she copped a lot of flack for the dip dyed ends, but I liked it, just having some fun and not taking her 'look' seriously, her hair matched the dress! Lovely colour on her and the overlay is wicked!

Pics from Tumblr and Pinterest


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