Monday, April 6, 2015

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn/ graphic novel

One of the best books ever written, would make for one of the greatest graphic novels ever, I will do this post on the off chance that someone comments/ messages me here on Paper Lantern and artists seriously interested in this endeavour can somehow get in touch with one another? It would make so many literary arty dreams come true?!

(Please note, this is meant as a massive fan post, I truly am delighted that so many artists have shared their works and interpretations of the characters and in return wish to display their work for more to see, if you are mentioned in this post and are worried about copyright infringement, please contact me via comments. ALL pictures have the artists site linked)

(above Laura Park, see below)

I put forth the idea (myself and many many many others) that Geek Love should be turned into a graphic novel. This would of course have to be in agreement with the book's wonderful author, Katherine Dunn who wrote this most brilliant of brilliant books over 25 years ago.

The characters and scenes are all depicted so well, and many artists have put forth their conceptions on their Deviant art accounts, Tumblrs and so forth.

above art by Laura Park her site is here

The above by Deviant art user Jandruff, link here

The above by Brandon Zimmerman link here

This wonderful watercolour creation, I cannot find the original artists name or site, believe me I've tried, please id you know this, link below

another Jandruff as above

modern-replica Deviant art link here

Here is AvatarRutger art based on the story too

It truly has the potential to be a great graphic novel style mix up, like the Sandman series, a combination of artists' work.

I have had these pictures saved on my computer for years and wanted to do a post hoping to probe the waters to see if there is anyone on the worldwideweb who would love to see this dream become a reality!

All pics credited as above


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