Monday, April 20, 2015


In the past I may have been known to change the Disney "pirate's life for me" lyrics into "the Idlers life for me", for the few days of the week I wish to not be a pirate.

The Idler's life for me is a brilliant mixture of pursuing all the things I like to do in my spare time

Rhythmic Sun's soundcloud is a favourite destination:

link here the Dragon Dreaming set is my favourite, great time last year!

And if you were lucky enough to grow up in the nineties, chances are you came across Myst at some point, even if you weren't a gamer, it was a real hook for all people as the mystery of getting off the island was a brilliantly simple concept, yet so much work went into it!
Rumours of a Myst inspired tv series! Just what I need, more procrastination materials!

Hitting the job search hard:

Even those gods of music The Specials sing about unemployment in Ghost Town, much worth the listen if you don't know their stuff

Lots of time spent perusing National Geographic, online and off, a favourite destination to lose oneself in

Then there is the downside to Funemployment, such as being really cost restricted, which all students can relate to. I also like to get away from this modern world we have constructed for ourselves, and for these reasons, camping every few months is an absolute must, it helps me unravel and shake off the ideas of 'needs' vs 'wants' and gets you back in touch with abilities you don't necessarily use everyday, but which are really the most useful ones to have, such as finding clean water, first aid and campfire cooking, lighting the fire from scratch. The bare necessities

Some views of campsites past

All pics from Pinterest, Tumblr and last 3 are mine


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