Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Momento Mori deux

Following the 2011 Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear trifecta in Japan, funerals were unfortunately in higher demand than usual, and one funeral services company commissioned these adverts so it wouldn't feel so transactional and purely about money, the results are quite beautiful, pressed flowers symbolic of our passing from this Earth, where we go to join the flowers.

Up close they are beautiful, read more and picture credits here

Death positivism is a hard thing to try to 'promote' but it is something that will touch every single one of us, death is the great equaliser. This is all coming across as very teenage angsty, but 'Momento Mori' is something I try to reflect on, it helps put things in perspective and helps you see what you want from life, and more importantly what you want to leave behind.

You can have your loved ones turned into jewellery, so they will always be by your side link here

Death has inspired some of the greatest works of art, both painted and written:

Above: Isle of the dead by Arnold Bocklin

Some beautiful 1920's muse undoubtedly reciting Shakespeare below

You don't want Skeletor to live a more fulfilled life than you! Even he stops to smell the roses

Padme Amidala looked beautiful on her final passage, we could all only be so lucky.

But in the end, that's not what will matter

We don't remember (literally, re-member) Oscar Wilde or Albert Einstein for following the crowd and doing as they were told, we attach meanings to our collective interpretations of their lives

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's good to question things and your place in life every now and then, so you know what you want to leave behind

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