Thursday, December 5, 2013

Musicians get to wear some awesome stuff

Freddie Mercury and Lady Miss Kier in their Harlequin-y jumpsuit-y goodness

Annie Lennox! The whole 'man style' thing, I think it was big before it became a 'thing'? Am i wrong? From Lennox to Madonna to Lady Gaga and Kate Bush, it's like someone somewhere decided to hit the 'lets obviously make this a trend' button (completely being hidden by NASA! and Conde-Nast interns, no more!)

Elton John

One of my favourite Lady Gaga outfits/ looks (before the Renaissance channelling began)

Matching Piano! No matter how many bubbles i put on my drumkit they end up dying a swift musical death

I wish there were more everyday situations where these would be ideal

I really don't like the eerie parallel between these and tacky Victoria's Secret 'angel wings' ? Hopefully that's only in my black hole of a mind

All pics were taken from Tumblr, which pilfers from worldwide sites, or go to 4chan if you want pics!! Wahoo, welcome to the internet

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