Thursday, December 5, 2013

Risto Bimbiloski awesome prints

Risto Bimbiloski clothing is incredible!
 Surface of the moon prints on a dress= ethereal beauty!
 More at the site here

That trench coat is so stunning, whilst a fan of the regular beige-y trench, for days Astral projection is too time consuming or your spirit is being held down by the man in general, imagine popping into one of these celestial beauties!

Luckily space/galaxy prints (Science fans rejoice!) filtered through from just Risto and Christopher Kane to the more high street brands that are a bit more acceptable for broke students who want some space time loving too

Lightning strike dress!  As worn by Katy Perry who can A) afford it if B) it wasn't sent to her for free. Does anyone find it slightly disheartening when people who get swag for free talk about how much they love fashion and style? Isn't it what you do when you CAN'T afford it? Maybe the punks were onto something there....

All pics were taken from Tumblr. Oh and from every blog ever, Risto is a bit of a blog-catch on like perfume, macarons, Mary Jane flats or Alexa Chung


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