Monday, January 20, 2014

Modcloth dresses

Receiving Line dress by Modcloth, available here quite possibly the only red dress I've ever likes as it is understated but still sparkles.

 The other half is in work where I have to go to a lot of BS fancy functions and 9 out of 10 ladies always rock a red dress, I guess the cat is out of the bag that it's a 'staple classic' same goes for black too. 

The sounds of soul dress available here which I think is well named, detail without being garish. So many dresses should come with 'DANGER: hazardous to eyes' labels

I love this dress! The only thing wrong with it is the name they picked? 'Born to Runway' maybe they meant born to runaway? And hide in graveyards and be friends with Lydia Deetz?

 Surely not up on the runway with the Moss-er, Claudia and Christy around you dancing in their spangly glory while you feel an out of place emo kid?

But yeah, Modcloth always have a gigantic difference of styles available, and that is something of a relief.

Lydia pic from Tumblr, rest from Modcloth


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