Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grimes vs. Allison Harvard

Grimes, above, the musician and Allison Harvard, the unforgettable America's Next Top Model contetant who liked nosebleeds and was wonderfully unpredictable, is it just me or do they bear a resemblance, even a slight one?

When Grimes (below) dances around in her Sailor Moon-esque costume, it reminds me of the ultra-kawaii stuff featured on Allison's Tumblr. Also, Allison was a semi-known meme on 4chan, she was known as Creepy Chan, google image search Creepy Chan pics if you're into Dame Darcy, semi-gothic furniture and settings, Medieval poetry etc.

Check this little video out. She's also a pretty talented artist herself, her intriguing little watercolours even got published in a little book, see below

I love Grimes' hair. Always. I *think* the work she is in front of in the above pic is her own too

So, anyone else see it? or is this a stretch.
Both talents out there in this world
All pics from Tumblr

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