Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jessa Johansson style

Jessa Johansson, the character on HBO's Girls, played by Jemima Kirke, what a wardrobe!
All the bloggy community are on about it. The oft-compared to Samantha Jones character has an enviable wardrobe. Pics are all from Season One episodes to my knowledge, looking forward to season 3.

Far left, them shoes be haunting my dreams until I track down a pair to love and hug and call my own, anyone have any idea who they might be by? I have googled them to death and am no closer

The ridiculous over the top feathered collar (Roy's age of innocence quip anyone, gold)

Vivienne Westwood armour ring above, thanks coolspotters!

The above outfit! floral print trousers, they're everywhere, and they walk a fine line between beautiful, as above, or awfully overdone.

And this bat wing dress/ kimono thing was incredible, I think the whole 'reading into a character's wardrobe' thing has been a bit overdone, but the free spirit element they're trying to grab is definitely there, love or hate her.

All pics from Tumblr and one from Coolspotters

UPDATE: Jessa Season 3= mega fucked. Not even delightfully messy fucked, just awful human being.

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