Friday, January 10, 2014

Strange world of perfume and fame.

Has anyone seen these hilarious Elizabeth Taylor moments?

This White Diamonds perfume commercial is vintage camp! Hilarious
and this gem of a video of her putting her eye make up on, I for one love the crazed look in the first few moments of the video, tinseltown has left us an abundance of bizarre internet-ted memorabilia. 
Crazy, excessive, over the top as it may have all been, you can't deny she was a beauty

I don't know why, but this one wherever i found it made me laugh, it might be my immature side shining through, but it sounded like a commercial for anti-flatulence pills. That is a wind song that stays in everyone's mind!

I trust you watched the video, no? yes! :P

The funny world of celebrities and their fragrances. Some it was inevitable for, enter good old liz, but it's become a strange right of passage for every star out there. Haven't celebrities stolen enough limelight? Are there people out there who truly believe by wearing a fragrance they're one step closer to their questionable idols?

I think this is a tangent I shall continue in future!
all pics from Tumblr


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