Friday, January 10, 2014

Vogue's Alice in Wonderland

As much as I like to poke fun at fashion sometimes, every once in a while some tight assed editor does get it right and a photoshoot stays with you. It looks and feels good and is accessible to all who view it, not just the fashionistas that 'get' it.

Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland! 

I think it's the brand shoving that i find contemptible. If you like something, wear it! I won't be a hater, so here, go and enjoy these photos by Annie Leibovitz.

Natalia Vodianova makes a perfect little Alice :)

 Above is my  favourite of the lot

Ah Karl Lagerfeld, you really do invite half the bad attention you receive. But some extremely talented person somewhere has come up with this: Karl Lagerfeld's guide to life  let's not take everything so seriously people

Galliano as the Queen of Hearts, I'm sure many a Jewish person disagrees with this decision in hindsight. Natalie Portman must be so embarassed. I wonder if she still picked up a handsome cheque due to her work with Christian Dior, who Galliano was the head of at the time? of course she did. 
Hollywood hypocrites.

Viktor and Rolf released a book of fairytales, did you know

Ah Marc Jacobs. My Aunty told me about the strange case of Angel Barta. Read here and here. Now it can't come as that big of a surprise that designers rip off people everywhere, but it is a strange coincidence nonetheless.

Ridiculous comments of my own aside, I hope you enjoyed the photos

Clearly photos by Vogue, internet piracy is fun!

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