Saturday, January 11, 2014

Peau D'ane/ Donkey Skin

Image heavy post alert. Anyone who likes fairytales should watch this

It's so colourful, vibrant, over the top in parts, so in other words, incredible!

The above poster is on my wishlist, I'd frame and hang this in my little hallway

It has a jewel-pooping donkey! that's a win-win situation always!

I don't want to 'talk' about it too much, suffice to say it's similar in theme to Cinderella (kindofish)

And a young Catherine Deneuve is beautiful as always in it

It also features quite possibly the best casket ever, feel free to submit rebuttals, preferably in picture form

All the pretty coloured pictures are making you want to watch it, right? 
Well you can, right here!

All pics from Tumblr


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