Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Keira Knightley style

All the above are Chanel, those kinds of dreamy ethereal colours are beautiful on her

She is just stunning


In Miu Miu, hi kiki d!

In Chanel. If you or I were the face/ "ambassador" for a global brand, we'd have great style too. 
Too many people on blogs torture themselves with the whole how do we ape it! Some can, some realise it's just nice to look at

Above and below both by Valentino, I'm really liking a lot of Valentino gowns in particular I've noticed! Just elegant silhouettes, this whole flashy tacky show lots of skin, even if you've got a 'rockin' bod' it just seems like a meat market. Hollywood and fashion have been always inextricably linked, but too many stars are force fed through this assembly line. "Look like this, have a 'wardrobe malfunction', name drop us as often as you can, more free shit coming your way" 


I've always had a soft spot for high waisted pants, fit has to be good though!

All in all, I'm sure there is a team of stylists behind this all, but Miss Knightley always manages to look beautiful and thankfully hasn't gone too plastic fantastic tacky red carpet celeb overdose

Pics from Tumblr and Daily Mail


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