Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Spice Girls

above from Spice World, simultaneously the best and worst movie ever, good for screening with your slightly tipsy mates, they know the words

In primary school I absolutely loathed the spice girls! Then I got older and learnt to appreciate the art of tacky and ridiculous over the top-ness and can now fully appreciate them.

Everyone had their own pop up spice girls band and  I got never ending requests to be ginger because of my slightly reddish hair

90's forever!

Brit awards, the infamous Union Jack dress was apparently made from an old tea towel and was a last minute costume idea from Ginger aka Geri H

Above, the girls at the Viva forever musical premiere, I think Mel C (sporty spice) looks really pretty

Emma Bunton in Ab Fab was cute, couldn't act to save her life though!

above: 2012 London Olympics

All from Tumblr


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