Friday, January 24, 2014

Spice Girls now and then


Geri as Marilyn

Spice World is the best film ever and the worst film ever

I thought Mel C looked rather pretty at the London 2012 Olympics performance

Moment in the film where they posed as each other

Geri H recently in Melbourne, I like pink with silver. 
With her uncontrollable golden globes, Haliwell topless shoot horror! Remember that?

They had a Vogue cover, apparently Anna Wintour regrets it. 
I think there are other things that should be higher on her regret list, Syria's first lady springs to mind.
 You can read the full (hilarious) article here

I remember being frightened that someone could look this way, let alone be featured in a shoot looking that way, Posh circa 2004

I'm just glad she put those awful awful blonde over tanned days behind her, she actually looks kind of good in the recent Vanity Fair pic:

and a 2013 Elle shoot, less of  an extra terrestrial look

I'm so glad that neon trend has died.

Look, a design of hers that's actually cute! Little kitties! Her daughter is pretty adorable too :)

Pics from Daily Mail and Tumblr

Viva forever


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