Friday, January 24, 2014


Post Secret, where people globally send in a secret to Frank Warren over in the US of A, and he updates the PostSecret website every Sunday. Though I'm sure everyone with the internet has heard of it or been there, here is the LINK sometimes the secrets stay in your mind for days...

Some of them are melancholy, telling of love lost or unrequited

some of people who have lost their way, a loved one, or belief system

and some tell of the unspeakably repetitive mundaneness of everyday life and how hard and boring in itself that can be

Some are really funny or clever, one post secret even sparked a search for a body as it was thought to be a murder confession read more HERE freaky! Felt awful to see something to voyeuristic pop up so casually on the weekly browse through....

One of my few weekly routines is to pop in to the post secret website, well worth a see

Pics from PostSecret


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