Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Birthday soon!

Since it's my birthday soon, I am doing a ridiculous whimsy-wish list!

A moon for the walls in my room, now that my once view of the night sky has been replaced by the neighbours' elevated house

A journal to fill is never put to waste with me! The Safavid style one by paperblanks is beautiful!

The works of Tesla, a very important man from our history, please do yourself a favour and acquaint yourself with his genius if unfamiliar with him, I would also recommend becoming a hardcore Alan Turing obsessive too, I am very happy the Imitation Game is doing such a great job spreading the history of one of the greatest minds ever

And taxidermy! The above piece was an Etsy I let slip away! It would have been well loved and treasured, it reminds me of Polly Morgan's work, where she turns taxidermy into sculptures

Anywho, most of all, a couple of ciders with the ones I love, and a picnic with my dogs at the park I live near would be the greatest! We must treasure our time with one another, and marvel at its wonder!

All pics from Pinterest and Etsy!


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