Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kate Moss accepting David Bowie's BRIT award

Anglophiles unite! No that sounds bad when you say it in some places in Australia! Political debate aside, did everyone catch that ridiculously glorious, over the top, amalgamated moment of music history and fashion clashing in the most crazy way?

I'm talking about Kate Moss accepting David Bowie's BRIT award on his behalf!

Because, you know, only having one supermodel (Iman! what a stunner!) to help with the daily tasks of Bowie-ness ain't enough, I wonder if the British will recall this as a crazily monumental moment in BRIT award history, like Ginger Spice wearing the Union Jack tea towel in the nineties? Maybe it's long reaching Britsh-ness is what enthrals me? 

I think she looked great in a surreal moment of Wow-ness!

Here is a link to a video of the moment, Noel Gallagher makes me laugh! I think Kate looks great in Bowie's iconic rabbit suit

Thoughts? Did only I enjoy this moment perhaps a bit much? I hope not!

'Stay with us Scotland!' 

Pics from Daily Mail, I realise a lot of British really don't like the DM, I do apologise, I love their ridiculousness!


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