Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Amal Alamuddin Clooney style

So kind of like the rest of the world, I think Amal Clooney has a pretty kickass wardrobe.

 Currently a politics and international relations student, I was somewhat confused when I saw headlines that the human rights lawyer whose papers I had to read for class was getting hitched to George, I live under a pretty big rock!

Some of the cases she has been involved in have been mega intense, like war criminals who get sent to the international criminal court intense! So it feels weird bringing them up in this context, so heavy moment over....moving on!

She always looks so lovely, keeps it simple, but is ridiculously stylish! Nice tailored, structured pieces and she chooses colours that complement her well!

This J. Mendel dress is like something materialised from a dream!! 

and of course the Stella McCartney pantsuit she wore in Venice.....really was amazing! I've always liked big hats but they are hard to pull off, she does it so well :)

And her casual style is making me super happy and jealous! I love this floral jumpsuit, and the one at the top of the page! Wonderfully colourful and she's wearing a Tatty Devine necklace of Frida Kahlo, now it's hard to be more awesome than that....

And here she is in another Dolce and Gabbana while in Venice for her nuptials. What a beautiful woman! What a dream wardrobe indeed :D

All pics from Pinterest


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