Friday, January 16, 2015

Soviet Space Dogs

I think about Laika a lot, not just because I have my own two poochies, but because of the convenient march of the passage of time and its uncanny ability to make us keep certain historical anecdotes as stored information, rather than respects be paid to the heartbreaking moments in time they are.

The Space Race meant so much to- the whole world! I am very glad that Laika and her story will never be forgotten. (All the Soviet test dogs were girls, as the devices used to collect their waste was better suited for females)

Laika has been immortalised in the collective subconscious, comics, memorials, songs, books, good! Rest in Peace little one

The two above are Belka and Strelka, how gorgeous are they! They returned alive from their mission.

Here is a link to a wonderful book all about Soviet Space Dogs I spied the other day in my wanders, brilliant subject matter, great history and pictures.

We need to treasure and preserve their memory! History is a wonderful pursuit, something I hope to never tire of.

All the pics are from Pinterest


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