Monday, November 18, 2013

A celebration of Cake in film

The point of this post is Cakes IN film. Not well known cakes like Christmas pudding and awesome out of this world birthday cakes, but for that lingering moment on screen when a soon to be famous (in my head anyways, and stomach, preferably) food porn moment lights up the screen

Picnic at Hanging Rock cake

Hagrid's cake to Harry

Marie Antoinette and a room of cake. (Yes I'm aware she never said 'let them eat cake')

But i couldn't do a pointless post without contributing something worth seeing, Heston Blumenthal's exploding chocolate gateau see recipe here
Let me know if I've missed a famous cake moment, since they are better dressed than people sometimes
And not films with Cake in the title, though i did enjoy this :)

Heston pic from link, all the rest from Tumblr


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