Friday, November 22, 2013

Ten for today

1) Christy Turlington 90's. No idea which show, but look at that hair

2) Movie poster art love

3) Christina Ricci 1998 clutching her pet chainsaw, as you do.

4) Alexander McQueen butterfly dress

5) One of the best Tumblrs, see Other-Wordly right here

6) Katy Perry's light up dress at the Met Costume Institute Gala in 2010

7) If you don't smile at a wolf playing with ducklings, please return all Horcruxes back to whence they came and try to piece a soul back together

8) Cake obsession continues, and it's Hogwarts! It's too pretty to eat!

9) I think this is a Mary Blair illustration but not sure

10) Moon and stars in any form are always beautiful 

All pictures saved willy-nilly from Tumblr like a thief, let me know if you want a credit/ take down/ to be friends because we both have the best taste ever


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